Kemilau Mega Holdings is a
Bumiputra company registered with the Ministry of Finance.

Our aim is to deliver our products as well as providing advisory services regarding the product to meet our customer’s expectations in terms of product quality, delivery and cost.
Kemilau Mega Holdings Sdn. Bhd.
organization structure is build through experience and expertise in the field of manufacturing engineering that’s
related to the business that we intent to venture. It evolves around our management’s extensive experience in manufacturing environment as well as expertise in product knowledge & business ventures.
Our current workforce is committed and capable to design and develop customized
assembly equipments as well as fabrication of metal products.
Our current workforce is committed to the sourcing of materials that will be used
for our customer’s products as well as localization of existing imported products
in terms of equipments and expertise in this field.
We intend to produce and provide products of uncompromised quality and excellent
services to our customers. This is so as to meet customer’s needs and standards.
We acknowledge the fact that the company's success will be based on timeous
response to customer orders and hence intend to set high standards on products
and work procedures.